Buy Side vs Sell Side

The role of the sell side is the following: Advise corporate clients on major transactions Facilitate raising capital, including debt and equity Advise on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Win new business (build relationships with corporates) Market and sell securities Create liquidity for listed securities Help Clients get in and out of positions Provide equity research…
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Investment Strategies

There are two types of investment approaches: discretionary trading and systematic trading. The Systematic approach relies solely on signals produced by data analysis. Signals are generated from pattern recognition of market data and/or fundamental analysis of economic and corporate data. The discretionary approach relies on the subjective judgement of traders. It is in the trader’s…
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The Economy, Business Cycle & Behaviour of Financial Assets

How the Economy Works The global economy is the sum of transactions that make it up. A transaction consists of the buyer giving money or credit (debt to be repaid later) to a seller in exchange for a good, service or financial asset. Credit is big part of the economy. US Credit (total debt) is…
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Investment Basics

Steady Wealth Growth & Winning by not losing To build your wealth in a short time period requires huge risks and the odds of succeeding are minimal. Most successful investors build their wealth gradually, by selecting investments which generate good returns with low risk. Your partner in building wealth is compound interest. “Compound interest is…
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How to analyse an Investment, Fund Manager or Financial Advisor’s performance

The most important mistake amateur investors make is they select investments based only on their past short-term returns while ignoring the volatility of returns. Investors should select investments which combine high average returns and low volatility. To examine an investment’s performance, you must analyse the following characteristics: Average Annual return Average annual return (AAR) is…
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How to Invest Money

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